IT Cell

In-Charge IT Cell

Mr. Rupendra J. Chourasiya

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Mobile : 91-9727585668

Introduction of the IT Cell

Information technology (IT) refers to everything that Organizations use computers for. Information technology is building communications networks for an organization, safeguarding data and information, creating and administering databases, helping employees troubleshoot problems with their computers or mobile devices, or doing a range of other work to ensure the efficiency and security of business information systems.
Dr. Harisingh Gour Viswavidyalaya’s IT Cell is solely responsible for keeping the Information and Communication Technology & Computation related facilities available to every member of the University. These facilities are constantly upgraded to meet the evolving standards of the University.
Every organization relies on information technology for success, especially in an educational institution. To create a speedy and rapid functioning of administrative and academic activities, an IT cell has been established at the University. To operate, the cell relies on its existing infrastructure and manpower. The cell is trying to foster the growth of the University by maximizing the usage of Information Technology.
Dr. Harisingh Gour Viswavidyalaya’s IT-Cell looks after the University's work related to Automation, Electronic Information Exchange, it also includes complete University Websites’ functioning such as uploading, and unloading of information, etc. The IT Cell also focuses on the official E-mail id(s) management of the students, teachers, and employees, online form filling, and fee deposition (for admission and examination). Keeping in mind the need of the hour IT cell will take responsibility for the implementation of the new trends in the campus, such as Virtual Class Rooms, Campus Networks, campus Wi-Fi, Dark Zone removal, etc. The cell will also facilitate more usage of advanced information technologies and communication for avoiding the duplication of work and hassle-free functioning.

The vision of the IT Cell

Our goal is to provide world-class information technology to educational institutions.

The mission of the IT Cell

We aim to provide information and IT facilities to our stakeholders, which include students, faculty, employees, the government, and others.

Objectives of the Cell
  • Accelerating Campus Network's work to facilitate the growth of the University
  • Provide Wi-Fi access on the university campus
  • Support e-Procurement related activities at the University.
  • Implementation of the university's ERP system (Samartha / IUMS).
  • Promotion of IT and IT-enabled services for avoiding the duplication of work with the help of the campus network and Internet.
  • The University website provides online access to the information.
  • Providing timely information on the University's website and social media channels for the benefit of the community.
  • The promotion of information technology education and information technology-based education
  • Students and faculty have easy and secure access to information.
  • Ensure good governance practices are followed.
  • Keep the University's Official Website up-to-date.
  • Support the NAAC committee for a successful NAAC inspection at the university (IT-related work)
  • Manage and maintain the university's supercomputer.
  • Manage new IT-related developments at the university. 
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