Department of Applied Geology

Introduction of the Department                                    

(A) Name of the Department : Department of Applied Geology

      Year of Establishment      : 1956          

Department of Applied Geology was established as a separate Department by Prof. W.D. West, Retired, Director General, Geological Survey of India.

The first department in India to offer M. Tech. in Applied Geology as a three  years’ integrated course.

Applied Geology

 (B) Center of Advanced Study

The Department was expanded when it enjoyed the status of Centre of Advanced Study from 1963.


Centre of Advance Study in Geology

(C) Name of the Department  : Department of Geology

      Year of Establishment       : 1946

      Up graded to PG level in 1948 By Prof. G. W. Chiplonker

Department of Geology has merged in Applied Geology in the year 1964. Since then it’s well known department within and outside India.


Head of Department 

Contact Details

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Prof. Harel Thomas

+91-7582-297124, +91-9425691970

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Brief History

The Department of Geology had started in 1946 for teaching B.Sc. and M.Sc. Classes under the headship of Professor G. W. Chiplonkar. In the year 1956, the Department of Applied Geology started independently offering three years post graduate course leading to M.Tech. Degree (6 semesters) in Applied Geology under the headship of Professor W. D. West. After six years, both the departments (Pure and Applied Geology) were merged into the Department of Applied Geology. The Department was expanded when it enjoyed the status of a Centre of “Advanced Study in Geology” from 1963.

The department has laboratory of Major thrust areas of Applied Micropaleontology, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, and Mineralogy, Photo Geology, Ore Microscopy and Economic Geology, Sedimentology, and Geochemistry with basic laboratory equipments required for teaching and research on various aspects in the major thrust area identified under R & D Programme. The students are given field training in geological mapping, mineral exploration, and oil exploration, from three to four weeks in even semesters.



Be a centre for excellence in earth science education to build strong future generations for a vibrant and self-reliant nation”.


To commit ourselves to achieve our mission through relentless pursuit of knowledge, ensuring creativity, and critical thinking, fostering human values and patriotic favor”.


  • To emphasize on need-based syllabus to enable the students for economic independence.
  • To make students evaluation system more transparents.
  • To sensitize teachers by enhancing their competence.
  • To encourage more MoUs and arrange training programs to enhance entrepreneurial and employability skills.
  • To promote research for creative and critical thinking, for national development.
  • To strengthen the bridge with alumni, and utilize the resources for placements and entrepreneurship.
  • To caterto the educational needs of the society with an inclusive approach.
  • To aim for a multidisciplinary department.
  • To inculcute a strong sense of belonging in keeping with glorious heritage of the department.
  • To make global citizens who are rooted in Indian culture.