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Head of the Department        :      Prof. Nivedita Maitra
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Year of Establishment           :     1946
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Name of the Department: Department of English & Other European Languages

Year of Establishment    :           1946 (with the inception of the University)

School                               :           School of Languages


Brief Introduction of the Department

Department of English and Other European Languages is one of the first 28 departments that came into being along with the founding of the University of Saugor. Professor S. R. Swaminathan, a theatre aficionado was the first Head of the Department. In the following years, eminent scholars like Prof. P.S. Sastri, Prof. AmareshDatta, Prof. Mohan Lal, Prof. Mallikarjunan and Prof. R. S. Pathak joined the Department and made a distinct contribution to the development of the Department. Working by the vision of Sir Dr. Harisingh Gour, the founder of the University, the Department strives to impart open and versatile training to the students, giving them sufficient knowledge in the new and promising fields like Translation Studies, South Asian Literature, Film Studies, Science Fiction, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Soft Skills, Text and Performance, and the like along with the mainstream Language and Literature, Indian and Western Literary Theories and the School and College/University Teaching.

The Department has made a substantial contribution in the field of research. Most of the scholars have been recipients of UGC scholarships in the past and in the present time 90% of the scholars have qualified either NET or SLET and many are also recipients of JRF and Rajiv Gandhi scholarships.

The Department has been offering Language as well as Literature courses for professional degrees programmes like B Pharma, BA LLB, B Tech (Computer Science), B Lib. etc

Department has Facilities like an independent building; individual faculty chambers with computer and internet facility; an open-air theatre; Seminar Hall, Library, Reading room and Language Laboratory.


Vision and Mission:

Our Vision:

To become an acclaimed centre for learning ever striving towards fostering the highest levels of academic excellence, intellectual inquiry and spiritual and moral integrity amongst the students.

Our Mission:

  • To make the students capable of reading critically, writing clearly and exercising their faculty of imagination effectively to interpret, evaluate, analyse and contextualize the literary and the social texts.
  • To make the students capable of thinking logically, and speaking articulately about literature and language.
  • To disseminate amongst the students the knowledge of our rich literary and cultural heritage.
  • To make the students realize how the skills acquired by them through the courses of study offered by us prepare them for a wide variety of meaningful professional employment opportunities after graduation, after post-graduation and after the post-doctoral research.


Distinguished feature/achievements:

The Department has grown in strength over the years. Situated in a remote area the Department had to face many challenges and struggle to create the proper environment for the teaching and learning of the English language and literature. Over the years the Department has succeeded not only in creating a good learning environment but also in facilitating holistic development of the students.

The Department has a very active Literary Association. The Literary Association was formed in the year 1980 under the Headship of Prof S. Mallikarjunan to inculcate a flair for the language and literature amongst the students and to enhance their literary skills. This association has been instrumental in bringing out the latent creative talent of the students through various activities like drama adaptations, skits, open mike, speeches and debate competitions.

Amphitheatre for live performances- The Amphitheatre of the Department has seen the staging of various plays of Shakespeare by renowned theatre groups of the country and abroad. The amphitheatre is used for staging plays in English and other languages by the literary association of the Department, for the cultural programmes by the students after the normal academic hours, for screening movies in the evenings and also for conducting activities for the students.

Language Lab- The Language Laboratory at the Department was established in the year 1979. The course material of the same was procured from CIEFL Hyderabad. In 2013 the laboratory was modernized and multimedia facilities were provided. It was further updated in the year 2017 and at present, we have a 30 console fully equipped and modernized Language Lab. In addition to it, the library of the Department is also equipped with ten computers for students with software for speech improvement and accent neutralization namely ‘ClaritySnet Language Lab Software’ on them. The multimedia facilities offered in the laboratory provide the students with material on English phonetics, sounds, and syllables along with lessons on English Grammar covering all the essential components as those of tense, connected speech and clear pronunciation. The software is also equipped with a wide variety of interesting features as Student Demonstration, Net Movie, Virtual Recording, Paperless Examination, and Group Discussion among others to enhance the teaching-learning process.

Certificate Course in Spoken English

The Department offers twelve weeks Certificate Course in Spoken English to the students of the University to help them gain confidence in speaking English. Students from all the streams of study namely Science, Commerce, Language and Literature, Humanities and social sciences get benefit from it. The course makes them capable of speaking confidently in all types of circumstances and activities as a business meeting, talking to the students, during group discussions, in personal interviews and in their daily life.

This certificate course in spoken English helps learners tremendously to improve their English communication skills and also opens up new job opportunities for them. Students from different disciplines and branches of the University take admission in this course and get benefitted from it.


Recognized contributions:

From the Pages of History:


Department of English and Other European Languages was one of the first Departments that came into being along with the founding of the University of Saugor. Sir Dr. Harisingh Gour brought Professor S. R. Swaminathan of the University of Madras, then working as a lecturer at Ferguson College of Poona, as Reader and the first Head of the Department in full recognition of his scholarship, potential and promise. Professor Swaminathan was a theatre aficionado and supervised several dramatic performances of Shakespeare’s plays. On his invitation, Mrs. Hammien was a frequent visitor at the Department those days as an unofficial director for these performances and for helping in the cultivation of theatre activities. The famous Shakespearean Theatre was invited on quite a few occasions for the staging of Shakespeare plays. Sometime in the late 1950s, Professor Swaminathan went to Oxford University to earn his doctoral degree on the topic 'Shelley and Vedanta'. He left Saugor in the late 1950s to join the University of Jabalpur, and from there he went to the US and settled there.

In the following years, Prof. P. S. Sastri and Prof. Amaresh Datta created a broad-based structure for the teaching and critical study of English Literature at the Department. Apart from his Doctorate and M. Lit., Prof. Sastri had first-class postgraduate degrees in five subjects- English, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Telugu and Mathematics. Dr. Sastri was an acclaimed scholar of literature, philosophy and Indology and wrote extensively in these areas. Interestingly, he was also a regular contributor to some journals of Astrology. Later, he moved to the University of Nagpur as Professor and Head of the Department of English there. The community of scholars at the University of Mauritius felicitated him by conferring Honoris Causa D. Litt. On n him. Dr. Amresh Datta distinguished himself as a teacher and lover of poetry. His poetry in English won him applause at home and abroad. He was also a lover and practitioner of Ravindra Sangeet. He left Saugor in the 1960s to join the University of Guwahati as a Professor.


Succeeding him, Professor Mohan Lal, a product of the University of Wales, an eminent scholar and great academician took the reigns of the Department.  He rose to eminence with his appointment as the Chairman of UGC. Professor S. Mallikarjunan a fine sportsman in the playground and an inspiring teacher in the classroom had earned his second Master’s degree from the University of Chicago as a Fulbright Scholar. Following him, Mr. T. N. Raina, Mr. A. K. Bajpeyi, Dr. J. S. Mishra, Dr. Amar Mukherjee, Dr. C.N. Desai, Mr. Harsha Bahadur Shrivastava, Prof. Francine and Dr. Urmila Verma, Prof. C Sengupta, Prof. S. Shivaraman, Dr. S. Sengupta and Prof.H. S. S Bais added glory to the Department through their distinguished service.


Contribution of the Present Faculty


We are proud to be members of this Department with its gifted inheritance. We seek inspiration from the glorious past of the Department and commit to striving to deserve the tradition brought to us by time. In line with the glorious predecessors of the past, the faculty of the Department keeps striving to take the Department to new heights. The Department has conducted many national and international seminars and training programmes of great repute and the faculty of the Department is actively involved in teaching and research and keeps visiting different Universities, Colleges and other Institutions of repute to deliver Invited Lectures.