About Department of Linguistics

Name of the Department:     Department of Linguistics

Year of Establishment :         1959    

Head of the Department      : Prof. Chanda Bain
Contact No.-                           : 09479949601 (HoD)
                                                : 07582-265807 (office)
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Departmental IQAC Profile 

Criterion 1 :-   Curricular Aspects
Criterion 2 :-   Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
Criterion 3 :-   Research , Innovations and Extension
Criterion 4 :-   Infrastructure and Learning Resources
Criterion 5 :-   Student Support and Progression
Criterion 6 :-   Governance, Leadership and Management
Criterion 7 :-   Institutional  Values and Best Practices 


About the Department :

The Department of Linguistics was established on 1st October, 1959 under the guidance and leadership of Prof. Babu Ram Saxena invited for the same by Pandit Dwarka Prasad Mishra, the then Vice Chancellor of this University. This University was the seventh University of India to establish the Department of Linguistics and to teach Linguistics at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Besides Prof. Babu Ram Saxena the other founder faculty members of this department were Prof. Ramesh Chandra Mahrotra and Prof. Devi Shankar Dwivedi who joined the department as lecturers. The Department of Linguistics, since its inception, has been headed by many teachers of the department. Presently, the department is under the headship of Prof. Chanda Bain, Department of Hindi. Till date more than 25 scholars have been awarded Ph.D. degrees in the different field of Linguistics. At present, the department has three Assistant Professors who joined in 2013 from the leading universities of India. Effective steps are being taken by the faculty members to strengthen teaching and conduct research in the prominent areas of Linguistics such as Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Endangered Language Studies, Language Teaching and Evaluation, and Stylistics. A sound training in Linguistics can provide good opportunities to students in the fields of accent and voice training, translation, Language planning, lexicography, speech therapy and natural language processing.etc. 

Past Heads of the Departments:

  •  Prof. Babu Ram Saxena                              01.10.1959     -  14.11.1961
  •  Prof. Dhirendra Verma                                15.11.1961     -  22.06.1965
  •  Prof. Devi Shankar Dwivedi                         23.06.1965     -  05.11.1966
  •  Prof. Pawan Kumar Jain                              06.11.1966     -  11.12.1966
  •  Prof. Bhagirath Mishra                                12.12.1966     -  30.06.1972
  •  Prof. Pawan Kumar Jain                              01.07.1972     -  28.05.1984
  •  Prof. Bhagwandin Mishra                            29.05.1984     -  20.07.1987      
  •  Prof. Kanti Kumar Jain                                21.07.1987     -  11.12.1991
  •  Prof. Bhagwandin Mishra                            12.12.1991     -  31.01.1998
  •  Prof. Radheyshyam Dubey                          01.02.1998     -  31.08.2000      
  •  Prof. Badriprasad                                       01.09.2000     -   30.06.2007
  •  Prof. Radhaballabh Tripathi                         01.07.2007     -   13.08.2008
  •  Prof. Kusum Bhuria                                    14.08.2008     -   19.09.2008
  •  Prof. Rajmati Diwakar                                10.09.2008     -    06.07.2010
  •  Prof. Usha Bhatnagar                                 07.07.2010     -    30.08.2012
  •  Prof. Anand Prakash Tripathi                       01.09.2012     -   31.10.2013
  •  Prof. Chanda Bain                                      01. 11. 2013    -   till date


"To promote discipline of linguistics and implement some effective measures so as to preserve and document the endangered languages of India".


  • To inculcate the knowledge of language and linguistics among the students. 
  • To encourage students to understand and analyse the linguistic structures of different regional languages of India.
  • To enrich the students with the knowledge of contribution of Indian thinkers in the field of linguistics.
  • To develop interest among the students in understanding the endangered languages of India.     

Faculty Members :

 S. No  Name


Degree (University /

Institute from which awarded)

Subject Specialization


Dr. Abhigyan Dwivedi

Asstt. Professor

M.A., & Ph.D., (BHU, Varanasi)

Computational Linguistics, Applied Linguistics


Dr. Bablu Ray

Asstt. Professor

M.A., M.Phil. & Ph.D. (DU, Delhi)

Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics & Stylistics


Dr. Arvind Kumar Gautam

Asstt. Professor

M.A.(AMU, Aligarh) & Ph.D.,(LU, Lucknow)

Phonetics, Semantics, Language Teaching