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Departmental IQAC Profile 
 Criterion 1 :-  Curricular Aspects
 Criterion 2 :-  Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
 Criterion 3 :-  Research, Innovations and Extension
 Criterion 4 :-  Infrastructure and Learning Resources
 Criterion 5 :-  Student Support and Progression
 Criterion 6 :-  Governance, Leadership and Management
 Criterion 7 :-  Institutional Values and Best Practices

Year of Establishment    :        1946
Brief Introduction of the Department    :   

The Department of Physics was established in the year 1946 by Prof. D.R. Bhawalkar, who had studied at King’s College, the University of London under the able guidance of Nobel Laureate Sir O.W.R. Richardson. He was known as the father of Luminescence. He remained the Head of the Department of Physics until 1969. It is the pioneer teaching and research department of India. In its 75 years of old history, the department has produced scores of scholars who have won laurels for themselves at both international and national levels.

Physics is the science of nature dealing with the whole universe. It mainly involves the study of matter, energy, and their interactions. Other sciences are reliant on the concepts and techniques developed through physics. Physics extends and enhances our understanding of other disciplines, such as; agricultural, chemical, biological, environmental sciences, astrophysics and cosmology, statistics, sociology, etc. which are subjects of substantial importance to all people of the world.

The department keeps itself alive with regular academic activities like seminars, workshops, conferences. It is well equipped with advanced and sophisticated instruments and laboratories. Faculty members have liaisons with research institutions of repute in India and abroad. In the last five years, 10 Ph.D.  thesis, 6 books, and 150 research papers have been published. At present, almost 10 research projects are going on.


Establish a platform for the dissemination and creation of knowledge through teaching and research in Physics at various levels. Further, it helps create a scientific society that encourages logical thinking. Physics portraits the landscape of life and this department looks forward to exploring the physics lying beneath our observations.


  • To offer state-of-the-art Academic Programs in Physics and in interdisciplinary areas.
  • To create intellectual property through innovations, quality research publications, and patents.
  • To evolve strategies in the Department for continuous Improvement.
  • Providing an exciting learning opportunity for non-physics and non-science majors that provides a basic understanding of physics and problem-solving skills.
  • Maintaining a research environment, in which key scientific and technical innovation are generated.
  • Providing undergraduate and master’s student’s research experience, through which they contribute the scientific enterprises.
  • Maintain a healthy level of external research funds allowing us to provide financial support for the Ph.D. students during their thesis research and prepare them for academic, research, and industrial careers.
  • Having faculty brings exciting and current research perspectives to the classroom


  • To motivate students towards research in Physics as well as in interdisciplinary areas.
  • To carry out high-quality scientific research in wide areas of Physics.
  • To carry out research through collaboration with researchers of other reputed academic institutions of India and abroad.
  • To bring externally sponsored funds in order to strengthen laboratory facilities and support doctoral students.
  • To organize outreach activities to promote scientific culture.
  • To realize the advancement of teaching and learning and discover new layers of knowledge in Engineering Physics by providing the right academic ambiance.
  • To promote the department as a center of excellence.