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Head of the Department: Prof. Subodh Kumar Jain

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Departmental IQAC Profile

 Criterion 1 :-  Curricular Aspects
 Criterion 2 :-  Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
 Criterion 3 :-  Research , Innovations and Extension 
 Criterion 4 :-   Infrastructure and Learning Resources
 Criterion 5 :-  Student Support and Progression
 Criterion 6 :-  Governance, Leadership and Management
 Criterion 7 :-    Institutional  Values and Best Practices


Year of Establishment :  1946
Brief Introduction of the Department :

The Department of Zoology at Dr. H.S. Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar, is one of the pioneer departments of this university since its inception of University in 1946. Over years the department has developed comprehensive collaborations with centres of excellence and has been pursuing cutting-edge research in areas of top national priority. The department has a core strength of faculty members trained in advanced scientific biological research at institutes of national/international repute. The renewed focus of the department presently involves molecular systematics, molecular carcinogenesis, immunology & cell signaling, genetic engineering, fish biology, entomology, earthworm biology, environmental biotechnology and molecular medicine. At present, the department has around 300 UG students, 50 PG students and 28 research scholars doing cutting-edge research in various aspects of modern biology.