The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a unit of the university who acts  as a nodal body to keep record of documents related to the academic activities of the university over the years . The Cell plays prime role while preparation for  NAAC accreditation of the university at every interval of  five years.



In continuation of the Notification No. R/2017/IQAC/3228dated 03 August 2017, the constitution of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is as follows :

(a)   Chairperson : Prof R. P. Tiwari , Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

(b)   Senior Administrative Officer :

(i)    Col Rakesh Mohan Joshi, Registrar.

(ii)    Dr S K Biswas,  In-charge Finance Officer

(iii)   Dr S P Upadhyaya, Joint Registrar 

(iv)   Sh Satish Kumar, Deputy Registrar 

(v)    Dr S K Gadewar, Deputy Registrar, Exam


(c)    Three to Eight Teachers :

(i)    Prof A N Sharma, DoAA, Department of Anthropology

(ii)    Prof R P Mishra, DPRG, Department of Applied Geography

(iii)    Prof Sanjay k. Jain, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

(iv)    Prof Ashok Ahirwar, Department of History

(v)    Prof Harel Thomas, DoRD, Department of Applied Geology

(vi)    Prof Naveen  Kango, Department of Applied Microbiology

(vii)    Dr Ritu Yadav, Department of Chemistry

(viii)    Dr Anupama Kaushik, Department of Political Science & Public Administration


(d)   One Member From the Management :   

         Prof R K Trivedi, Department of Applied Geology


(e)   One/Two Nominees From Local society, Students & Alumni:

(i)    Dr G S Choubey, Medical Practitioner

(ii)   Dr Dhirendra  Mishra, Assistant  Director, DE Office, Sagar

(iii)  Mr Akshay Jain, Ph.D. Scholar , Department of Political Science


(f)     One/ Two Employers/ Industrialists / Stakeholders :

(i)    Sh Harsh Tomar, Manager, Bina Refinery

(ii)    Mr Jitendra Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Solisto Pharma, Chakra Ghat, Sagar


(g)    One of the Senior Teacher as the Coordinator/ Director  of the IQAC :

(i)    Prof Ranveer  Kumar, Department of Physics,  Director

(ii)    Prof D K. Nema, Department of Commerce,   Deputy Director