Distinguished Achievements of the Department

The Department of Linguistics is very much well known for its research in the field of linguistics. Major research works conducted in the department are on Hindi dialects and on comparative studies of languages such as Hindi-Marathi and Hindi –Malyalam. Research works in the areas of Linguistic Geography (Atlas) are noteworthy. Mrs. Lata Dubey and Radheyshyam Dubey, research scholars of this department were the first to work on Language Atlas and Linguistic Maps. Further, Dr. Lata Dubey worked on the phonetic differences of Bundeli and Dr. Radheyshyam Dubey worked on the semantic differences and prepared linguistic maps. This was the great contribution in the field of Linguistic Geography. Mrs. Lata Dubey was the first to compile the dictionary of Bundeli.

Moreover, the department has produced more than twenty five PhDs scholars in various branches of Linguistics. But, due to lack of regular faculty members in the department, research work could not be carried out for some years. The teachers of this department have  also completed some major projects and also organized several talks and seminars and conferences of the national and international repute in the past.