Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Physical Facilities

  • Class rooms: The department has only one classroom for UG students and one classroom for PG students. There are three rooms for the faculty members and one office room. Due to lack of the class rooms and proper space, the faculty members have requested the university administration to provide a new building  for the department.
  • Major Research Equipments Available: The practical in the Linguistics include the Field work, Language Data collection and documentations etc. The department has instruments such as sample of Speech Organ s, Linguistic Maps Atlas etc. to teach Phonetics, Linguistic Geography and to provide practical training. A phonetics lab is also proposed to be constructed soon for providing hands on experiments in Acoustics and other areas of Phonetics for the students.

IT Infrastructure

  • LCD TV and Projector:  For the students department of linguistics, one classroom is equipped with LCD TV and Projector.  The students of the department have also access to Wi-Fi facility.