Thrust Areas

Prof. Naveen Kango : Enzyme Technology and molecular catalysis Laboratory 

His research interests include Production and Application of Microbial Glycosidases (Xylanases, Mannanases, Inulinases) from fungi; Biodiversity of thermophilic fungi, actinomycetes, L-asparaginase.


Dr. Yogesh Bhargava : Molecular Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Lab

His long term research interest lies in studying the interplay of three factors infection, immunity and inflammation He is interested probing impact of stress (microbial, chemical and physical) and inflammation on the physiology and behaviour of vertebrates using zebrafish as an animal model.


Thrust area of research in the department:

  • Microbial Diversity.
  • Enzyme Microbial Technology
  • Nanobioscience
  • Cancer Biology
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Zebrafish Neuroscience and Stress Toxicology