Participation in Academic Activities

2.4.1 Average percentage of full time teachers against sanctioned posts during the last five years (15) & 2.4.3 Average teaching experience of full time teachers in the same institution (Data for the latest completed academic year in number of years)

Name of full time  teachers receiving awards from state level, national level, international level Year of Award  PAN Designation  Name of the award, fellowship, received from Government or Government recognised bodies Name of the Awarding Agency Incentives/Type of the incentive given by the HEI in recognition of the award Link to the relevant documents
Prof. Naveen Kango 2021 NA  Professor  Dr. V. Aghihothrudu Memorial Award Mycological Society of India Nil Memorial Lecture award
Sarika Agrawal (Prof. Naveen Kango) 2020 NA Research Scholor  MPCST Young Scientist Award 36th M.P. Young Scientist Congress   MPCST, Bhopal Nil Young Scientist award
Prof. Naveen Kango 2019 NA  Professor  Elected as Fellow of Mycological Society of India Mycological Society of India Nil Elected Fellow
Shubham Nema (Dr. Yogesh Bhargava) 2019 NA Research Scholor  Indigenous development of technology to study zebrafish behaviour 34th M.P. Young Scientist Congress   MPCST, Bhopal Nil Young Scientist award

3.1.3 Percentage  of teachers receiving national/ international fellowship/financial support by various agencies for advanced studies/ research  during the last five years  (3)

Sl.No. Name of the teacher awarded national/ international fellowship/financial support  Name of the award/fellowship Year of the Award Awarding Agency Link to certificates 
1 Prof. Naveen Kango (Foreign Faculty: Dr. Harsh Bais, Unviersity of Delaware, USA) GIAN programme 2018  IIT, MHRD


6.3.4 Average percentage of teachers undergoing online/ face-to-face Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) during the last five years
(Professional Development Programmes, Orientation / Induction Programmes, Refresher Course, Short Term Course etc.,) (8)

Year Name of teacher who attended the program Title of the program Duration (from – to) (DD-MM-YYYY)
Nil Nil Nil Nil


Gian Program: