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 National Seminar Organized by the Department of Philosophy

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Prof. A.P. Dubey
“Neo-Vedanta”, sponsored by ICPR, New Delhi 09 to 11 March, 2016





Collaborative activities with other institutions/ research establishment/industry for research and academic development of faculty and students year wise during the last five years

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2019 Shri Krishan Pranami Swadhyaya Peeth  Shri 5 Navatanpuri Dhaam Kheejda Mandir Trust, Jamnagar (Gujraat) 

Two students of Philosophy Department (Pavan Kumar Khateek and Harishankar Ahirwar)  are pursuing Ph.D. on the Philosophy of Mahamati Prannath

  • To Conduct Ph.D. and post doctoral research based on the ideas of Mahamati Prannath and Pranami Sampradaya and conducting Elective/Value added courses in the Departmet of Philosophy, History, Sanskrit and Hindi 
  • To Organize academic lectures and workshops focused on Philosophy, thought and literature related to 'Pranami Sect'.


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International Conference

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Prof. A.D. Sharma
Advaita Vedanta, Acharya Shankara's Philosophy of Universal Oneness   08 to 10 December, 2019






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Sponsored by ICPR, New Delhi

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