Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Physical Facilities

The institution has adequate facilities for teaching-learning. viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment, etc

In order to implement the plans and achieve the desired goal, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has created adequate infrastructure in terms of classrooms, laboratories, computer lab, departmental library, machine room, animal house, faculty rooms, girls common room, medicinal plants garden and Seminar Halls with the audiovisual facility. The whole premises of the department has Internet connectivity with dedicated MHRD wifi. The department is provided with various university sharing physical facilities including a well-equipped playground, gymnasium, girls & boys hostels.

The department ensures adequate availability and optimal utilization of physical infrastructure as it is critically linked to the vision of the institute to create an environment of excellence in education through technologically advanced pedagogical tools.

At the beginning of the academic year, need assessment for replacement / up-gradation / addition of the existing infrastructure is carried out based on the suggestions from faculty members, BOS members, Heads of the departments, lab technicians and students of B. Pharm, M. Pharm and Research Scholars. 

The department has adopted the strategies towards optimum and effective use of academic infrastructure for the benefit of stakeholders as per below;

  • Optimal deployment of infrastructure is ensured through conducting workshops/awareness programs/training programs for faculty on the use of new technology.
  • Effective utilization of infrastructure is ensured through the appointment of adequate and well-qualified lab technicians/system administrators.
  • The optimal utilization is ensured through encouraging innovative teaching-learning practices.
  • The available physical infrastructure is optimally utilized beyond regular academic hours, to conduct certificate courses, co-curricular activities/extracurricular activities, skill development sessions, meetings, seminars, conferences, extra and extracurricular activities etc. 

Library as a Learning Resource

Departmental Library


Total number of Books as per accession register

5205 (Dept. + Central Lib.) 687 Titles,


Available in Department

962 (379 Titles; Issued from Central Library)


Subject wise classification






Pharm. Chemistry






Pharm. Biotechnology






Total number of journals subscribed

34 National + 37 International

Other features of the Departmental Library (DOPS-LIBRARY)

  • The Department has subscriptions for e-Library resources through a centralized library facility extended by the University.
  • The library has a regular relevant subscription for the following:
  • e – journals
  • e-books
  • e-ShodhSindhu
  • Shodhganga
  • Academic databases



[One acre (at the Department) and Five acres (at Patharia village)]

  • PURPOSE: Practical and Experimental Cultivation of Medicinal Plants

Other features of Medicinal Plant Garden

  • Irrigation and greenhouse
  • Total number of medicinal and aromatic plants: 100+ species
  • Some plants brought from outside and acclimatized
  • Plants grown (experimental) in the department
  • Guggul, Sarpagandha, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Kalmegh, Tylophora, Liquorice, Costus, Guduchi, Lemongrass, Sankhpushpi, Vasaka, Aloes, Chandan, Nai, Piper longum, Vinca rosea, Stramonium, Hyoscyamus, Isapgol etc.

IT Infrastructure

Fifty Percent of classrooms and all the seminar halls are well equipped with ICT - enabled facilities such as LCD, smart board, Wi-Fi/LAN, audio video recording facilities. Other features of IT infrastructure are as below;

  • The University makes appropriate budgetary provisions and updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi facility.
  • Like previous years, the department has maintained a student-computer ratio of 1 : 12 during the past 5 years also.
  • Adequate and effective internet connectivity is provided under a monitored manner with 1 KBPS bandwidth in the department through MHRD wifi facility.
  • The Department avails following sharing facilities for e-content development through EMMRC, Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar
  • Media centre
  • Audiovisual centre
  • Lecture Capturing System(LCS)
  • Mixing equipments and softwares for editing


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