Classroom, Lab, Seminar Hall and others with ICT facility

Applied Geology

The Department have sufficient mumber of class rooms for PG-04 and UG-01 along with faculty chambers, Library and Muslum in the Applied Geology building:

Prof. V. Subramanyam (PG Lecture Hall-1),

Prof. T.V.V.G.R.K. Murty (PG Lecture Hall-2),

Prof.U.Aswathanarayan (PG Lecture Hall-3),

Prof. P.P.Roday (Smartclass Lecture Hall-4),

Prof. S. Lakshmanan (UG Lecture Hall);

Prof. V.N. Agrawal (UG LAB),

Prof. V. K. Nayak (Memorial Library),

Ore Research Lab, and Prof. W.D. West (Geological Museum).

Department have well equipped laboratories for Micropaleontology, Petrology, Ore Geology and Photogeology for PG students/research. Which are renaming as follows Prof. G.N. Saxena (Micropalentology Lab), Prof. M.V. Durge (Petrology lab); Prof. V.K. Nayak (Ore Microscopy Lab) & Prof. P.O. Alexander (Geochemistry lab), respectively.

Center of Advanced Study               

The Center of Advanced Study have sufficient mumber of class rooms for PG-02 and UG-02 along with faculty chambers, Library and Wadia Hall (Seminar Hall) etc:

Prof. S.K. Mishra (Sedimentology Lab),

Prof. S.N. Pandey (Photo Geology Lab),

Prof. K.N. Das Lab, Prof. B. Das (Library),

West Memorial Room,  

Wadia Hall (Seminar Hall),

Prof. S.K. Babu Hall, Core Logging lab and Section Cutting.

LA-ICPMS installed in the Department of Applied Geology as a Central   Instrumentation Facility.

Department have a good number of tents along with all the necessary items including a bus for geological camp, tour and field work for M.Tech students.

Economic Geology and Petrology Tour of M.Tech. fourth semester is a part of the syllabus worth 12 credits.

Research Equipments

Metamorphic Petrology Research Lab

1. Advance Petrology Research Microscope LEICA DM4 P

2. LA-ICPMS installed in the Department of Applied Geology as a Central Instrumentation Facility.

 3. Advance Microscope installed in Micropaleontology Research Lab.

4. Avance Microscope Installed in Ore Geology Research Lab

Departmental Library

Department have two library namely Prof. V. K. Nayak (Memorial Library) and Prof. B. Das (Library) respectively. Each library has good numbers of books, Journals and students Dissertations etc.

Departmental Museum

Prof. W.D. West (Geological Museum).

Museum have good collections of rocks, minerals, ores and fossils

Museum: known at National Level

Largest Museum in the Indian Universities

  • Over 2500 minerals, rocks & fossils
  • Collections samples by Prof. Harker, UK & Prof. W. D. West
  • Worlds oldest fossil Spriggina? collected by the faculty
  • Replica of Human fossil from India

Computer Lab    

Department of Applied Geology has a good computer lab for post PG/Research Scholars with net facility developed under FIST Grant.






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