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Head of the Department: Prof. Nivedita Maitra
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Criterion 1 :-   Curricular Aspects
Criterion 2 :-   Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
Criterion 3 :-   Research , Innovations and Extension 
Criterion 4 :-   Infrastructure and Learning Resources
Criterion 5 :-   Student Support and Progression
Criterion 6 :-   Governance, Leadership and Management
Criterion 7 :-   Institutional  Values and Best Practices


Introduction of the Department


The Department of Urdu & Persian was established in 1946 along with the establishment of the University. It prides itself being one of those departments in which Urdu as well as Persian languages were taught. The Department has attracted students across the boundaries of the State. This is still the only university teaching department in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh where BA, MA and PhD programs are run successfully. Twenty seven PhD degrees have already been conferred to scholars and many more are on their way to attaining the degree.

The Department has an impressive list of Alumni occupying distinguished positions in different institutions of Higher Education.

The Department since its inception has been an important centre of learning, promoting and preserving one of the modern languages of India under the able stewardship of various luminaries who headed the Department since 1946. Shri B L Pathak (MOL) was the Head of the Department from 1946 to 1960, Shri V. B. Amar succeeded Shri Pathak and lend his valuable expertise from 1960 to 1965 followed by  Dr. M. S. Siddiqui (1965-1986), Hajra Khatoon (1990-95) and Fida-Ul-Mustafa (1995 to 2017).

The Department is now being headed by Prof. Nivedita Maitra, Head of Department of English, as in-charge Head. She took charge in 2017.

Dr. Waseem Anwar joined the Department as Assistant Professor in the year 2013.


Vision & Mission


  • Preservation and promotion of Humanistic and Aesthetic values through diverse linguistic and literary Culture.


  • To Popularize Urdu language and work for its furtherance in literary Pursuits.
  • To make Urdu language more JOB oriented by introducing new courses in the field of journalism Mass Communications and other relevant areas.