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Department of Environmental Sciences
(Newly Established)
Prof. M.L.Khan
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Admission in Post Graduate Program (M.Sc.) Shall be Started From the Session 2023

Environment is defined as the human surrounding and the discipline – Environmental Science – examines the role of human beings in shaping its surrounding and provides with the scope of research to find ways to attain sustainability. The human surrounding being so diverse, the scope of Environmental Science is wide, and the approach is multidisciplinary. The Stockholm Conference in 1972 provided with the direction to the nations to focus on protecting the environment from degradation. India realized the international commitment and made important amendments in the Constitution of India to accommodate environmental responsibilities and duties - the inclusion of Article 48A and 51A(g). In the later years the environmental concerns grew with the growing pollution of air and water in the cities and waterbodies, degradation of forests and land. It is now explicit that interventions are needed to understand the environmental effects of pollution, biodiversity loss, climate change and its impacts on the hydrological regime and consequently on the agriculture, livelihood, and the economy. Thus, Environmental Science education has become pertinent in the regional, national and global context. The M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences programme envisages to address the need for creating informed scientific manpower to engage with the environmental issues of local, regional, and global nature. The multidisciplinary approach of the discipline is reflected in the curriculum and research and learning have been kept central throughout the programme.

Department Vision:

To create environmental technocrats through quality education with innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to address current and emerging environmental self–reliance and sustainability challenges.

Department Mission Statements:

  • Provide high quality scientific expertise in environmental science to meet with the ongoing challenges related to climate change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, and energy - water crisis.
  • Build necessary skills for future environmental leaders to find sustainable solutions for pressing environmental, societal, and climatic issues through bioengineering, renewable energy technologies, novel means of waste management, and conservation strategies.
  • Create environmental educators and researchers who can effectively communicate the scientific knowledge on current and future environmental change and crises to both specialists and the world.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  •  To create awareness and knowledge about sustainability.
  •  To produce confident, technical, creative and employable
  •  To create awareness and innovation to deal with environmental issues.