Faculty Profile

Research Papers Published
Dr. Chittibabu Putcha
S No. Year Title Journal Link
  2020 Educational Opportunities of Scheduled Tribes in Andhra Pradesh: A Critical Appraisal Parishodh Journal Download
Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  2021 मानविकी एिं समाजविज्ञान की विभाषी शोध-पविका मध्य भारती Download
1 2020 स्वदेशी और आत्मवनभभर भारत: वि- उपवनिेशीकरण की वशक्षायी पररयोजना Gyan Garima Sindhu Download
2 2020 डॉ. भीमराि अम्बेडकर की पिकाररता और आज़ाद भारत का सपना मध्य भारती Download
3 2019 Critical Analysis of Government Policies Regarding Inclusion of CWSNs in India AIRJ Download
4 2018 Diversity in Special Education: Preparing Special Education Teachers to Meet the Challenge in Inclusive Classrooms JGRS Download
5 2017 A policy Analysis of Community Participation & Educational Policies, 35- 48, 2017 Pariprekshya, NIEPA Download
  2010 Education, Quality and Ideology Pariprekshya, NIEPA Download



Books/Chapters Published
Dr. Chittibabu Putcha
S No. Year Chapter Name Book Name Link
1 2019-20 Professionalizing Teachers for Quality Education Systematic Change in Teacher Education Download
2 2018-19   Education of Slum Children(Provisions and Learning Achievements) Download
3 2017-18 Practical Problems and available Prospects of Aadivasis of India Education for Future: Issues and Challenges Download
4 2016-17 The Professionalization of Teachers: An Overview Innovation in Teacher Education Download
Dr. Sanjay Sharma
S. No. Year Chapter Name Book Name Link
  2020-21   Education Planning and Administration Download
  2020-21   Education philosophy of JeanPaul Sartre Download
  2020-21   Education in Contemporary India Download
  2020-21   Cast, Mobility & Education Download
  2016-17   Dalit Asmita Download