About the Department of Criminology & Forensic Science

 Department of Criminology & Forensic Science

Established: 1959


Prof. Devasish Bose 

 Head of the Department


Our Vision

"This department aspires to be recognized for its excellent teaching and research work in the global scenario"


Our Mission

"To continuously improve and enhance the subject of Criminology and Forensic Science through innovative teaching, and research work"


A Brief History of the Department

In 1950, UNESCO realized the significance of the teaching of Criminal Justice at the College and University levels in Asia, and in 1955, a consensus emerged in a symposium held in London. University of Saugor (Sagar) responded to that consensus first and as a result, the Department of Criminology was established on 18th  July 1959 largely due to the initiative taken by Shri D. P. Mishra, (the then Vice Chancellor, 1956-1962, and later Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh).  The former Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court, Justice G. P. Bhatt was appointed as its first regular Professor and Head of the department. After some years, Forensic Science was added and it became the Department of Criminology and Forensic Science.

The Department of Criminology and Forensic Science is running two different courses under the School of Applied Sciences. The department is involved in teaching Criminology and Forensic Science at the graduate and postgraduate levels leading to M.A. in Criminology and M.Sc. in Forensic Science respectively along with the research facilities for Ph.Ds. in both the disciplines. The department is recognized as a DST-FIST-sponsored department. The contributions of the department are various and remarkable in teaching and research. The alumni of the department are occupying outstanding positions and are globally known for their achievements. 


Curricular Aspects

Teaching-Learning & Evaluation

Research, Innovations & Extension

 Infrastructure & Learning Resources

Student Support & Progression 

 Governance, Leadership & Management

Institutional Values & Best Practices


 List of the Heads of the Department since Establishment  
Sr. No. Name From To
1 Dr. Dattatreya Prabhakar Jatar 18-07-1959 27-11-1959 (Incharge)
2 Justice Ganesh Prasad Bhatt (Prof.) 28-11-1959 28-09-1961
3 Prof. Dattatreya Prabhakar Jatar  29-09-1961 17-11-1982
4 Prof. Ram Kumar Shrivastava 18-11-1982 20-07-1983  (Incharge)
5 Prof. Dattatreya Prabhakar Jatar  21-07-1983 29-07-1984
6 Prof. Gyanchand  Jain  30-07-1984 31-10-1989
7 Prof. Devendra Kumar Mukharya 01-11-1989 31-12-2001
8 Prof. Harishankar Maheshwari 01-01-2002 31-12-2004
9 Prof. Jai Deo Sharma  01-01-2005  04-08-2014
10  Dr. Devasish Bose  05-08-2014  17-07-2016 (Incharge)
 11 Prof. Devasish Bose  18-07-2016  17-07-2019
 12 Prof. Mamta Patel  18-07-2019  08-08-2022
 13 Prof. Devasish Bose 08-08-2022 Present