Infrastructure and Learning Resources


Physical Facilities

The Department has adequate facilities for teaching-learning. viz., classrooms, laboratories, amphitheatre, library etc.

In order to implement the plans and achieve the desired goal, the Department of English and OEL has created adequate infrastructure in terms of Lecture Halls, Smart Classrooms, Language laboratory, Departmental library, Amphitheatre and Seminar Hall with an audiovisual facility. The whole premises of the department has Internet connectivity with dedicated MHRD wifi.


Language Laboratory

The 30 console Multi-Media Language Laboratory of the department uses WordsWorth English Language lab software. It is highly helpful in developing the English language proficiency among learners of English as a second language. It combines both Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Computer Based Training (CBT) to facilitate the language learning process. The programme consists of 3 progressive levels and has been structured to develop pronunciation, vocabulary and semantics of speech. Each study level helps in developing essential skills (LSRW - Listening, Speaking, and Reading & Writing) from elementary to the advanced level. It assists the students in learning English and developing communication skills.


Swaminathan Seminar Hall

The department has a fully equipped spacious Seminar hall for holding various academic activities. The hall has been named after the founder Head of the Department, Professor S. R. Swaminathan.

The department has a well-furnished fully equipped adequately spacious Seminar Hall with a sitting capacity of 150 students at a time. The Hall is well equipped with all facilities like a projector, audio-visual, aids and amplifiers etc. The department keeps on holding seminars, invited lectures and various academic and cultural activities in the hall to facilitate learning and research. The department started the Swaminathan Memorial Lecture series in the year 2015. In it, renowned academicians and intellectuals in different spheres are invited every year for addressing the students and the teaching staff on various research-oriented topics with a view to widening the horizon of knowledge of the students and the faculty every year. Cultural competitions are also organized in the hall regularly to give exposure to the talents and potentials of the students and ensure their all-around development.


Library and Reading Room-

The department has a small library cum reading room The library has approximately 250 books and in the coming years, more books and journals are to be added keeping the requirements of the students of all levels of study.  

The library also has a few computers with Clarity version 7.0 English Communication Language lab Multi-media language laboratory software on them to help students improve their language and communication proficiency. The software is equipped with a wide variety of interesting features such as Student Demonstration, Net Movie, English Conversational Practices, and English Grammar among others.


Smart Classrooms and Lecture Halls

The Department has two fully equipped Smart Classrooms two Lecture Halls and in winters the open-air theatre of the department also serves as a beautiful, sunlit open-air classroom which makes learning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.



The department of English and OEL is the only department of the University with an amphitheatre. The amphitheatre is used for staging plays in English and other languages by the literary association of the department and for cultural programmes by the students after the normal academic hours, for screening movies in the evenings.


Faculty Rooms with Computer and Internet Facility: 07

The roomy and spacious Faculty Rooms with Computer and Internet Facilities facilitate one-to-one interaction of the students and the faculty and provide a suitable atmosphere for the academic and research work of the faculty and the Research Scholars of the Department.


IT Infrastructure

Fifty Percent of classrooms and the seminar hall of the Department are well equipped with ICT - enabled facilities such as LCD, smart board, Wi-Fi/LAN, and audio video recording facilities. Adequate and effective internet connectivity is provided in a monitored manner with 1 KBPS bandwidth in the department through the MHRD wifi facility of the University.