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M. Sc. in Biotechnology


Graduation in Life Sciences

Ph. D. in Biotechnology

* Depending on the availability of positions under the faculty

Master’s degree in the concerned/relevant/allied subject

Admission is through entrance examination.

M. Sc. in Biotechnology: It is a four semester course in which students have to complete 80 credits (60 core course credits and 20 elective course credits). Students are required to complete a six month research project dissertation in the fourth semester (12 core credits) as the part of the course.

Ph. D. in Biotechnology: The students have to complete a 20 credit (8 core course credits, 4 elective course credits and 8 credits for review of pulished research) in the first semester. The student conducts research in various areas of Biotechnology following the Ph. D. ordinance of the University.