Thrust Areas

The Department has two broad thrust areas:

1) Plant Genetic engineering for value addition of crop plants

The Department is focused for research in the area of Plant Genetic Engineering, Stress physiology, Plant phenomics studies, and sustainable nano-formulations for the plant growth and protection. Research involves various aspects of molecular mechanism involved in the abiotic stress tolerance and tuberization mechanism in the Potato (Solanum tuberosum). The research is also focused on the development of sustainable nano formulations for the plant growth development and protection.  The above thrust area of research is also financially supported by various funding agencies including UGC, DBT and DST, Govt of India.

2) Infectious disease biology

The importance of infectious disease, especially viral disease is very evident from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department is engaged in understanding various aspect of viral pathogenesis. The focus is on understanding the host-viral protein interactions and their significance in viral pathobiology and viral lifecycle. Currentlly, department is focused on HTLV-1 retrovirus and it preparing to undertake molecular virology research on viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, Nipah virus, Dengue virus, etc. In addition, the focus is also on development garlic based novel antibacterial and antibiofilm drugs to counter the alarming problem of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.


Project Awarded from various funding agencies:

Se. No. Name of the PI Title of the Project Funding Agency Tanure of the project Status of the Project
1. Dr Chandrama Prakash Upadhyaya  

Investigating and probing RBC endothelia cells interaction through ex-vivo cerebral malaria model to develop adjuvant therapy for malaria pathology.

 DBT, Govt of India  2013-2016  Completed
2.  Dr Chandrama Prakash Upadhyaya   

Metabolic engineering of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L) for enhanced vitamin-B6 accumulation by overexpression of pyridoxine genes.

 DST-SERB, Govt of India  2017-2021  Completed

 Dr. Devanshi C. Upadhyaya


Generation of marker free transgenic potato (Solanum tuberosum) for increased alpha tocopherol using gamma Methyl Transferase and HPT genes.   DST-Govt. of India  2015-2019  Completed

 Dr. Devanshi C. Upadhyaya


Metabolic engineeing of potato for improved nutriotional quantity and iron deficiency tolerance.  DST-Govt. of India  2022 - 2025  Ongoing