Centre of Vedic Studies

Centre of Vedic Studies

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About the Centre

Ancient India has transmitted a massive corpus of Vedic knowledge to illuminate the current generation and many more generations to come. It is the demand of University to take initiatives to promote studies and researches in Vedic topics with interdisciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity with an intention of attracting the academic community and to teach the method of traditional way of Vedic chanting to all irrespective of caste, creed, gender and religion. In this spirit, the Centre of Vedic Studies has been established by the University at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to offer a wide range of spiritual, practical, educational and personal development courses and workshops based on the ancient teachings of the Vedas and Vedic Mathematics. In this Centre, the University Grant Commission New Delhi has sanctioned two permanent posts of Assistant Professor in Sanskrit with Ved group and Mathematics with specialization in Vedic Mathematics.


MoU with Siksha Sanskriti Uthan Nyash New Delhi

Vedic Mathematics is a collection of techniques discovered in the period 1911-1918 by the Indian mathematician Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji. The techniques can be used to solve problems in many areas like arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, and conics. Numerical calculations can be done very easily and quickly once the student has mastered the General and Specific Techniques of Vedic Mathematics. In Vedic Mathematics, unlike the conventional methods, there are many ways to arrive at a solution for a problem. This gives us the liberty to choose the technique most convenient for us. This is the beauty of Vedic Mathematics; it can be understood easily by people of any calibre. It enhances the ability to approach and solve any mathematical problem. Students of Vedic Mathematics dispel their fear of mathematics and gain a new-found confidence to work on any mathematical problem without apprehension.

In this process, the MoU was signed between Sanskriti Uthan Nyas New Delhi and the University to promote the traditional knowledge of Mathematics mastered by the mathematicians of ancient India through a Certificate Course in Vedic Mathematics. This course is running since 2017 to improve Mathematical Skills and also helps in generating self-employment, facilitates a habit of analytical thinking and a measured approach towards any problem. The details of completed courses are as follows:


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